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Mechanism Digital Celebrates two decades of CGI and VFX in NYC

Oldest enduring CGI and VFX studio in New York

The oldest enduring CGI and VFX studio in New York continues to innovate and originate.

An award winning production studio in New York City since 1996, Mechanism Digital provides animation, design, visual effects and new media development for the film, television and advertising industries. Mechanism Digital is a smart and friendly group of passionate creatives who are committed to helping entertainment and marketing professionals tell their stories in memorable ways.
Founded by Lucien Harriot, a veteran VFX Supervisor, Mechanism launched into the effects industry two decades ago with a single Silicon Graphics “Super Computer” on a Spike Lee film, HBO promos, a David Letterman Top Ten Countdown and toy spots.  

After word got out about the high-end East Village independent studio, his business started booming. At the end of the first year, and with the studio’s single room bursting with four SGIs and a half dozen other computers, it was time to relocate into a Soho industrial loft. Currently maintaining 15 artist workstations and rendering on 30 nodes in mid-town, Mechanism Digital is New York’s biggest little post-production secret, working a thousand shots each year for feature films, TV series, marketing media, medical visualizations and more.

The Mechanism Digital team is always prepared to deliver quick bids and shines at both the technical and creative processes behind the scenes. In addition to camaraderie on set and friendly rapport with DI houses, the team is very comfortable in the complex processes behind successful VFX, turning around shots and revisions with efficient online communication channels. The team is always excited to develop creative solutions to keep costs down without compromising the director’s vision.
Together with A-list partners in the film/TV, advertising and medical industries, this cutting- edge studio continues to grow and prosper. Just this year, Mechanism Digital produced hundreds of shots for several high profile feature films including American Ultra, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart, and has served several prime time TV series currently on air.

Mechanism Digital continues to drive the industry with innovative technologies, software and hardware for its clients. With over a decade of experience in 360° panoramic photos and video for special events projects, the studio is now riding the wave of Virtual Reality as new consumer devices such as Oculus Rift and Gear VR flood the market. 360 VFX, graphics integration and post-production have become strong areas of growth for Mechanism Digital.
“After 20 years, I still sleep, eat and breathe CGI and VFX,” says Lucien. “The fast paced advancement of this industry means there is never a dull moment and I am super excited to be working with creative clients and great projects. Every day we feel a buzz of energy at our studio as our team encourages and inspires each other to elevate every project with movie magic.”

Notable Projects: American Ultra, Still Alice, Love is Strange, The Newsroom, Notorious, TrueBlood, Big Love.

Originally published: 08/02/2016

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