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From the heart of NYC, our digital studio is committed to continual growth, consistently adapting to new technologies in design, animation, and visual effects for film and communications.

At our core, we are a team of smart and helpful creatives dedicated to collaborating with entertainment and marketing professionals.

By merging technical expertise with artistic vision, we bring stories to life in memorable ways.

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cobby walters
Head of HR

Our go-to guru for all things team wellness and compliance, she's the guardian of our resources, ensuring that benefits are bountiful and everything is perfectly in place for our humans. With Cobby at the helm, our team sails smoothly through seas of paperwork and policies, so we can focus on what we do best: creating movie magic!

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jordan stoner
Head of R&D

His career spans work in music, post-production studios, audio-video editing software, and roles in software development and project management. Jordan brings a passion for the intersection of technology and post-production to his job ensuring a bug-free, efficient, and cutting-edge production pipeline.

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lucien harriot
President & Vfx Supervisor

Over 30 years of experience leading animation, visual effects, graphics and interactive experiences for entertainment and marketing. Lucien's approach focuses on strong project management practices, conscientious communication, frequent client consultations, simple explanations of complex topics and clear and concise goals and deliverables.

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rob flewell
Certified medical illustrator

Accuracy, legal and clarity.. Anatomy by design is his mantra which leads the team to produce world class medical education content for the healthcare sector.

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tammy walters
Executive Producer

With over two decades of experience in bringing stories to life through animation, games, apps, and interactive learning systems, Tammy ensures that we stay aligned, inspired, and always ready to leap into our next adventure. She keeps us on course with a knack for overseeing our creative galaxy from 10,000 feet up, blending expertise with vision to lead our team through the vast and exciting world of digital storytelling.

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val iancu
project manager

With over 10 years of experience producing 2D & 3D animations, graphics across the film, television and corporate creative industries. He is a visual storyteller who stays impeccably organized through the execution of creative/ technical projects.

mechanism digital
118 west 27th st., 7th floor
ny, ny 10001
tel: 646-230-0230
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