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The Big Sick's Invisible VFX

Invisible VFX for Films

The R-rated relationship dramedy directed by Michael Showalter & produced by Judd Aptow was the biggest deal of last year's Sundance Film Festival, purchased by Amazon Studios for $12M.

The Big Sick is a romantic comedy and far from being a VFX blockbuster but that doesn't mean it didn't need a bit of movie magic to help put the film in the can. Every movie needs some fixing in post whether it was planned or not. VFX shots included adding snow fall, TV/phone screen inserts, splits screens to combine two preferred takes and company logo removals when the brand can't be cleared.

Mechanism Digital was the exclusive VFX vendor completing about 100 invisible visual effects to meet the director’s vision in just a few short weeks. "If we did our job right, you shouldn't see any of our work through the film" says lead artist Fangge Chen.

Mechanism Digital produces on a couple dozen feature films and prime time television series each year from its Manhattan studio leveraging the New York tax incentives and the world-class digital compositors and 3D/CGI talent our vibrant city draws.

Originally published:06/28/2017

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